Truth must be repeated again and again, because error is constantly being preached round about.

    It just happened that I was directly involved in the Sumgayit events - at a meeting of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan SSR, which was held in Baku in 1989, I was a prosecutor who supported the state charge.

    Subsequently, I have had the idea of writing a book about what has been seen and heard about the Sumgayit events, but every time I throw this idea - first, did not want to open old wounds of two nations, and second I considered it a matter of professional historians. But the events of past years, have forced me to reconsider that idea. For the vast army of Armenian politicians, publicists (professional and amateur) and protectors of their interests in other states - Sumgayit was the kind of bloody instrument through which anyone who is interested in Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis got intimidated. Product of these shameless speculations were thousands of books, articles, TV shows, web sites that deliberately falsified the event with one single goal - to put the blame on the people of Azerbaijan in the most dishonest form. Over time, the new generation of forgers of history will draw these opuses from the archives and the international community will present a new myth of the genocide. This time it will be called Armenian Genocide in Sumgayit.

    What this ultimately leads, is well illustrated by events of Turkey in 1915. In those and following years, the Armenian nationalists published tens of thousands of books and articles while Turkish side was silent, and echoes of those materials can be heard today. This constant stream of lies, slander, outright fabrications must be countered by clear and well-documented research on all aspects of "Sumgait case": starting from the role of each of the instigator, the behavior of the authorities to the relationship of high Soviet authorities.

    The same false information attack is awaiting Sumgayit events if Azerbaijani side will not react.

    That is why, me an attorney at law, took a pen and decided to write. I would like to ask my readers to take my humble work not as professional work of writer. I just testify as a prosecutor in the trial of the Sumgait events and share some of my concerns.

    lawyerAslan Ismayilov